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Allow your café to accept credit card payments. This will allow guests to add in a tip onto their credit card slip without having to dig through their wallets or purses for the correct amount of cash. A woman who is in town on business is relaxing at your hotel’s outdoor pool after an important meeting. The waiter comes by, suggests a cool beverage Best White Label Payment Gateway from the bar and she accepts. But when he brings the drink, she is startled to find that the waiter only accepts cash. So she has to either dig into her tote bag to find cash or charge the drink to her room and then remember to pay for it separately when she checks out (because her company won’t pay for alcoholic beverages on business trips). The next time she’s in town, she chooses another hotel.

Give your poolside waiters handheld retail swipe terminals. They can process credit card payments at any location and eliminate the need for cash transactions in inconvenient places. A negative guest experience can have substantial ramifications. Not only will you lose that guest’s business, but he or she may discourage their friends, family, and colleagues from booking lodging at your hotel. So you must do whatever you can to prevent that from happening. And if all it takes is a little tweak to your merchant services account, there’s no reason to put it off.

The beauty of web-based shopping is that buyers no longer have to spend time outside their houses just to obtain the products that they need. Customers can buy anything online – from clothes, to beauty products, even medicine. Virtual shops that cannot live up to the convenience of e-commerce are often disregarded by buyers. For a client whose time is valuable, he or she would not want to waste time, gasoline and energy depositing money in the bank or whatever institution that a website requires just to acquire the product he or she wants.

Because of this lack of need for on-hand cash, a greater number of people prefer to use credit cards these days. To be able to take advantage of this fact, the business owner has to assess his or her business first. Does the owner conduct transactions both on the web and in a storefront shop? If so, then he or she should look for a provider that would provide a service that accommodates both. You’re setting up to run an Internet based business and obviously need to find a way to take money online. There are a large number of service providers who will allow Internet based businesses to do that. How do you choose between them?

First, there are your local and national banks that provide Merchant Services to businesses. This is generally a costly solution with set-up fees, recurring charges, and lots of hoops to jump through. For many Internet start-ups, these initial costs can be a bit prohibitive, as they have no idea at that stage what turnover they can realistically expect.

If for whatever reason you are unable to obtain the service you need at a reasonable rate from your bank, it isn’t the end of the world. On the contrary, PayPal, Google Checkout, Nochex, Worldpay are probably the best known alternatives, but there are a host of others. Your favourite search engine will have plenty of answers for you.

For businesses that sell products and services to consumers, having multiple credit payment options is essential for building a customer base and maximizing sales, especially when credit is the way most consumers prefer to spend. Accepting credit card payment begins with receiving one or more accounts through a merchant services provider, which will help to determine which options are best for your business. Below, we list four common ways to accept credit card payments via a merchant service provider.

Stationary card terminals are ideal for businesses that sell a large volume of goods or services at physical locations, but not for companies that don’t sell their offerings using a traditional store front arrangement, or that sell on a B2B (business to business) basis. Traditional credit accounts facilitated by stationary terminals usually feature low discount rates and high monthly program fees.

Accepting payment by mail or telephone allows you to reach customers who prefer to pay by telephone or mail. MOTO accounts have the advantage of not requiring terminal equipment. Unlike traditional accounts facilitated by terminals, they typically feature high discount rates and low monthly fees. When you accept online payment, you open up your business to millions of people that can’t travel to its physical location(s), as wells as people who prefer to shop online with a charge card. E-commerce offers the opportunity to invest in Web based sales as opposed to adding physical locations. E-commerce accounts typically feature medium range discount rates and mid-range to high monthly fees.

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