Celebrating china national anthem – National Day

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Although people of Hong Kong do not have three days of holidays following National Day as in mainland China, it is still much looked forward to and hotels and public transport are usually packed and operating at capacity, moving and accommodating a glut of holidaymakers. The day commences with the flag raising ceremony at Bauhinia Square at 7. 45 am attended by the Chief executive of the territory and several thousand invitees and hong kong national anthem members of the public. The national anthem is played by the police band and there is a short marching band performance and a helicopter fly past. Throughout the day marching bands and drill teams, that are a quintessential part of national day ceremonies, perform throughout the territory. Hong Kong’s coastal defence force, sea cadet corps, air cadet corps, adventure corps, schools and institutions take part in the main ceremony. Some areas have their own flag raising ceremony followed by lion dance competitions, street theatre and variety shows.

The highlight of the day is the fireworks display over Victoria Harbour which is the most visible part of the celebration. Thousands gather at the waterfront and anywhere with a view of the sky over the harbour, to capture this 20 minute impressive display. The fireworks are let off from barges moored at the centre of the harbour. The display is a themed event with different scenes that illustrate the chosen theme. Synchronised music is piped from the speakers positioned along the harbour. Whatever the theme there is always short and long bursts of colour with sparkling bits falling into the water that take the breath away every time. Waterfront cafes and bars make full use of the fact that they have some of the best views. Five or even six course gourmet menus that include champagne, caviar, freshly shucked oysters among other tit bits, dinner buffets and live performances are dished out at exorbitant rates at these venues. However not all vantage points are expensive options. There are plenty of free viewing spaces around where families and friends can enjoy the event on a budget.

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Tooth decay in children is one of the most neglected health problems in the united states. It’s also a problem that could be drastically curbed through prevention, maintenance, and behavior. The types of food that kids (and adults! ) eat and the way that we them has a tremendous impact on the health and longevity of teeth. We decided to poke around and see what’s good and bad.

We have to talk a little about flossing and brushing. It’s like singing the national anthem before a game. We’re always going to do it, you may not agree, it’s how things are. Kids should be brushing and flossing just like adults: brushing twice daily with fluoride toothpaste and flossing once. Baby teeth are no exception. Their health and longevity determines the placement and strength of the incoming permanent teeth! We’ll be writing more later about timing and technique but consider the daily maintenance, along with regular dentist visits, to be the foundation for good teeth for kids.

What we’ve been learning from others’ research is that, in general, the foods that are good for the rest of body are the same foods that are good for your teeth. Also, your teeth can be an early indicator for other health problems. The health of your teeth is crucial for proper eating which effects the rest of your body so you can see how each of these ideas is connected.

The first piece of dietary advice for dental health in almost every article we read was to drink plenty of water. Water helps clear away food that gets stuck in your teeth. That food that gets stuck, especially if it’s sugary, can release acids when it combines with the bacteria in your mouth. Those acids contribute to tooth decay. This is especially important for children as their brushing and flossing techniques have likely not been perfected. Also, kids are more likely to eat some of the viscous snacks that can stick around in their teeth for quite a while. Certainly fluoridated water will offer the greatest benefit and those who live in areas without it can make up the difference with fluoride toothpaste and even fluoride additives to help their kids’ teeth. We’re not interested in entering the political realm of the fluoride debate by the way. We just want to help you with your children’s dental health.

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