CIGNA Dental Insurance Offers Members the most Affordable Coverage

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CIGNA is a global insurance provider based in North america that has been offering health insurance products since it was founded in 1937. It currently offers a broad range of products that include health and dental insurance, life insurance, absence management international expatriate benefits. CIGNA dental insurance provides dentalhealthnetwork 洗牙香港 . org dental care to members through HMO and PPO dental plans that allow them access to CIGNA’s network of over 54, 000 dental health providers nationwide. CIGNA dental plan members can also enjoy as much as 60% discount on various health products and services under the company’s Healthy Rewards program, from companies such as Weight Watchers, Fitness Club and participating alternative medical providers.

CIGNA Dental care (DHMO) is one of the most affordable CIGNA dental insurance plans, since there is no deductible and there is no annual dollar maximum limit. There are also no copayments for availing of diagnostic and preventive dental services such as annual checkups and cleaning. When you sign up for a DHMO, you and your family members will have to select a general dentist from the CIGNA dental network who will provide all your dental health needs, including emergency care. Using an in-network dentist will save you an average of 62% to 83% in dental costs.

If you would like to continue seeing your current dentist, you can avail of a PPOCIGNA dental insurance plan. A CIGNA PPO allows you to visit any licensed dentist to avail of dental care. However, you will pay less in out-of-pocket costs by using a member of the CIGNA network, since they have contracted with the company to provide discounted services for members. But whether you see an in-network or non-participating dentist, CIGNA will reimburse all or a portion of your dental costs for covered procedures up to the annual dollar maximum, and after you meet plan limitations such as deductibles and waiting periods.

The CIGNA Dental Exclusive Provider Organization (DEPO) is CIGNA dental insurance that combines the best features of both a PPO and HMO. Like in an HMO, you are required to visit a dentist who is a member of the Preferred Provider network but you do not have to get all your care from them; you have the flexibility to choose the dentist you wish to see and no referrals are required when seeking care from a specialist. You will also enjoy discounts on non-covered services as well as on the cost of covered services exceeding your annual dollar maximum and other plan limitations.

PPO dental plans are currently being offered as a reliable source of insurance for those who want to take advantage of affordable dental health care. What is it anyway? PPO stands for preferred provider organization. A PPO is an organized group of health care professionals such as doctors, dentists, or hospitals, that has agreed to tie up with an insurer or a third party in providing health care at a reduced cost. Through insurance companies, a PPO offers more affordable services, such as, in the case of dentists, dental services at a reduced cost. This becomes beneficial for both parties as health care providers get more patients from their networks and insurance companies can profit from the discounted cost. Patients, meanwhile also gain by getting these discounts for their dental and medical dues.

PPO dental plans differ from the plans that HMOs usually provide, as HMOs will not cover any procedure done by any health care professional that is out of their preferred professional network. With a PPO plan, you will still get a discount even if you use a dentist that is not part of the provider’s preferred network. However, the patient will need to shell out more as the discount for an out-of-network dentist will be lower compared to an in-network professional.

PPO dental plans are advantageous because a plan holder will have a wide selection of dentists to choose from. A PPO network usually guarantees more than hundreds of professionals across the country that is included in their network. In case you would need to see a specialist for your concern or seek a second opinion, there is no need for referrals. With other insurance plans that dictate which health care professional you choose deal with, a PPO plan lets you choose. Lastly, you can still take advantage of a discount, albeit lower, even if you go out of the provider’s PPO network.

However, PPO dental plans have more expensive premiums compared to other types of insurance. Furthermore, the fact that your current dentist, the one whom you have grown comfortable and established a good relationship already, might be out of your provider’s PPO network., lessening your discounts. Lastly, the PPO status of a hospital of dentist can be changed without due warning or notice.

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